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Posted by Nicky Smol on January 6, 2022 in News

Low Location Lighting

What is Low Location Lighting?

A Low Location Lighting (LLL) system is made of photoluminescent products. It is designed to direct people to safety and highlight potentially life-saving fire equipment. Low Location Lighting is used to mark evacuation routes. They stay illuminated even under tough conditions. If there is a power failure, the LLL will still be highly visible.



Why is LLL important?

In case of an emergency, like a fire, rooms and corridors can fill up with smoke. In some cases, the power shuts down. This can make it difficult to find your way out of a building or to the assembly point. In a fire, the smoke that develops rises because of the heat. In order to that, escape route marking placed higher up will be rendered invisible by the smoke. Therefore, the ideal escape route guidance system is applied close to the ground. This is why Low Location Lighting is important. Following the LLL will guide people to safety and potentially safe lives.

Low Location Light SafeSign















There are various rules and standards for escape route guidance systems. These rules also comply to Low Location Lighting systems. The correct interpretation and use of these guidelines make sure escape routes can be clearly seen. Even during evacuation in the dark. ISO standards such as ISO-16096 and ISO-15370 and the SOLAS and IMO resolution A.752(18) provide clear guidelines. We at SafeSign follow all these regulations and guidelines strictly.


Our range of Low Location Lighting

LLL strips
LLL transparent stickers
LLL arrows
LLL aluminium profiles
LLL trail dots
LLL strip roll

How our sign products compare to other suppliers in the market:

• All of our signs are halogen and PVC-free.
• Our signs are 100% environment-friendly and recyclable.
• The signs are back printed, for durability.
• All signs have a glossy, quality finish and are easy to wipe clean.
• Easy to mount, always with self-adhesive backing.
• There is a 10-year warranty, also for outdoor use!


Please contact us if you have any questions about our LLL products or any of our other products.

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