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Posted by Nicky Smol on January 26, 2022 in News

Photolumenescent Signs

Photoluminescent signs

Photoluminescence is the emission of light via another light source. Our photoluminescent signs are also known as afterglow signs.

Our signs guide people to safety when there is a power failure. This can make it difficult to find your way out of a building or to the assembly point. Therefore it is important that your signs are of high quality.


Photoluminescent signs store energy from light sources and release the light in the dark. To activate the photoluminescent material, the signs need light. At SafeSigns we use a photoluminescent material that exceeds the glow properties required. All signs and Low Location Light systems use the same, DNV certified, material.


Photolumenescent Signs









Recyclable PETX signs

As a result, SafeSign innovated the sign industry by replacing the commonly used PVC with a modified PET, called PETX. The benefit of this PETX is that the product is completely recyclable. It reduces the environmental footprint.

PVC contains halogens, which can produce highly toxic fumes. Therefore the use of PVC is more and more prohibited. Another benefit of PETX is the resistance against UV. Signs made of PVC will discolor, and becomes yellowish. However, SafeSign PETX comes with a 5-year warrantee. Even when used outdoor, SafeSign signs will not discolor.


Our Photoluminescent products

On our website, you find many signs with our photoluminescent quality. More information about our products:

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