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SafeSign LED Escape Sign

Our ‘Dutch Design’ premium quality range of LED Escape signs are designed to clearly identify emergency exits and escape routes, executed in a timeless design that fits in with contemporary architecture. Our range of LED Escape signs allow for easy installation and provide a reliable and stylish solution for use in various types of buildings such as offices, hotels, hospitals and retail. Architects have a specific look in mind when designing buildings, libraries, hotels and offices spaces.

Compliance with requirements and regulations and the safety of your employees/guests are the first priority. Next is that designer look. Our LED Escape Signs provide an energy efficient and classy look with safety in mind. Clients ultimately have safety and cost effectiveness in minds. Our SafeSign LED Escape signs provide a great solution by reducing yearly energy costs and by limiting the impact on our environment.

The SafeSign LED Escape Signs are IP44 protected, CE approved and are available in two formats, recessed and surface mounted, offering ‘fit and forget’ LED technology providing a long lifespan of at least 40.000 hours.

The main power source comes from electricity, but when the power is lost as a result of a calamity, the photoluminescent capabilities of the sign take over, providing the users with a very clear sign to the exit.

Input voltage: AC 90~240V / 50~60HZ
Power: 4W
Lifespan: + 40.000hrs
Viewing distance: > 24M
Class: CE approved
Protection: IP44
Material: Flame retardant ABS plastic
Extra: Exchangeable signs upon request
Frame color: RAL 9022
Optional: Other frame colours available upon request for larger orders

Installation instruction Recessed model

Installation instruction Surface Mounted model

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