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Solas Regulations – Why should PVC not be used for signage?

Solas Regulations – Solas Chapter 11-2:

Reg 6 Part B 6.2 Part B – Prevention of Fire and Explosion
Reg 6 Smoke Generation Potential and Toxicity

The purpose of this regulation is to reduce the hazard to life from smoke and toxic products generated during a fire in spaces where persons normally work or live. For this purpose, the quantity of smoke and toxic products released from combustible materials, including surface finishes, during fire shall be limited. Paints, varnishes and other finishes used on exposed interior surfaces shall not be capable of producing excessive quantities of smoke and toxic products, this being determined in accordance with the Fire Test Procedures Code.


Solas Chapter 11-2 Reg 5 Part B

The following surfaces shall have low flame-spread characteristics in accordance with the Fire Test Procedures Code: In passenger ships, exposed surfaces in corridors and stairway enclosures and of bulkhead and ceiling linings in accommodation and service spaces (except saunas) and control stations, etc.

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IMO Posters

According to Solas regulations, you have to place information signs in the direct area of rescue and lifesaving devices. The signs must explain function, control and actions to be taken. SafeSign designs for this training and instruction posters which come in a outdoor high quality self adhesive PETX. The size is in general 30×40 cm. On special request we supply these signs bi-lingual. If you have any questions or special requests please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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