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You may ask yourself, why SafeSign? Let us tell you. At SafeSign we improved the way photoluminescent signage is produced. Normally, manufactured signs around the world are plastic plates that are printed on top. This production method is a cheap way of making signs. This can be seen in the quality of the product and above all, this production method isn’t environmentally friendly. These cheap signs will discolor when they are in contact with daylight and will get worse because of the different weather circumstances. Another problem occurs when you stock these signs; the signs won’t stay flat but will warp. This means the sign won’t stay flat and gets curved overtime.



As a solution to all these problems, SafeSign invented a brand new production method. Instead of printing the photo luminescent layer and color print from the front, we developed a procedure whereby the colors are printed from the backside. After this we print the photoluminescent layer. This way, we protect the printing from environmental influences. From the back side the sign we seal the sign with a PE closed-cell foam tape. This has a self-adhesive backing which you can use to fix the product to a surface. The result is a clear, high-quality sign with a glossy, shiny finish on the front. You can easily clean the sign and apply it to almost any surface due to the adhesive backing. We deliver all signs with a protective front film. You should remove this film after the sign is stuck to a surface.



The photo luminescent material used on SafeSign signs, stores the energy from light sources and releases the light energy in darkness. SafeSign only uses 100% environmental friendly material, free from any toxics or radioactive additives. To activate the photoluminescent material the product needs light. The brightness and period of glow depends on the grade and thickness of the pigment. SafeSigns only uses photo luminescent material that exceeds the glow properties required. All photo luminescent signs and Low Location Light systems use the same, DNV certified, material.

SafeSign innovated the sign industry by replacing the commonly used PVC with a modified PET, called PETX. The benefit of this PETX is that the product is completely recyclable, reducing the environmental footprint. PVC contains halogens, which can produce highly toxic fumes, and therefore the use of PVC is more and more prohibited. Another benefit of PETX used, is the resistance against UV. Where PVC will discolor, and becomes yellowish, SafeSign PETX comes with a 5 year warrantee, even when used outdoor. SafeSign signs will not discolor.



So why SafeSign? The cost of signs will be a small part of your total signage expenses. Identifications, ordering, transport, installation and invoicing are usually more than 90% of the cost. You can reduce this substantially by using SafeSign signs. SafeSign signs will last a minimum of 5 years, guaranteed. The signs are easy-to-fix thanks to the selfadhesive backing. Save serious money on all these replacement cost while applying an environmental friendly purchasing policy. Sustainability through innovation!

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